We provide easy insight in energy flows™

At VPInstruments, we believe that energy monitoring should be easy and effortless, to empower plant owners to discover where, when and how much energy they can save. Our products can be found all around the world. We serve all industrial markets, for example automotive, glass manufacturing, cement, food and beverage, consumer goods.

We offer complete solutions for energy monitoring of compressed air, technical gases and all other utilities.  Our proprietary three in one bi-directional flow meters offer you the most complete solution for compressed air and gas flow measurement. With VPVision, our web based energy monitoring platform, we provide real time insight in your energy flows. Are you ready to take the next step towards permanent energy savings? Contact us today!

Reduction of your compressed air and gas consumption starts with identifying savings potential.

Reveal the true costs of compressed air, nitrogen and technical gases with:

– Flow meters and other sensors for compressed air
– Unique bi-directional flow sensor technology
– Three in one flow pressure and temperature meters
– Compressed air audit tools
– Data loggers for flow, pressure, temperature, kW and other utilities
– Web based energy management software
– Monitoring systems for total compressed air management
– Hot tap equipment
– Flow meter calibration services

Do you want to check and monitor the output of your compressors, or Nitrogen generators? Do you use technical gases for packaging, blanketing, welding processes?  Do you want to save between 10 and 50% on your annual energy and maintenance costs?
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