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Flow meter selection questions

Get your flow measurements right by selecting and installing it properly. This is key for your compressed air and gas flow measurements. A flow meter provides great insight into your consumption. Based on its measurement data, the right investment decision can be made for optimum energy savings and performance improvements. If, however, you have the right instrument for the right job! These questions help you collect the right information for your flow meter selection and to select the right installation point:

Select the right VPFlowScope flow meter

Flow & user-related selection information

  1. What is the purpose of your flow measurement?
  2. What type of gas do you want to measure?
  3. What is the expected gas flow (range)?
  4. What accuracy is required?
  5. Is there a preferred measurement principle?
  6. Is there a preferred way of mounting?
  7. Do you want to measure the flow in both directions?
  8. What is the gas pressure (range)?
  9. What is the gas temperature (range)?
  10. What is the pipe diameter?
  11. Are you using the flow sensor permanently connected or for a temporary audit?
  12. Do you want to connect the flowmeter to a central system?
  • What system is it and what type of data communication can it speak?
  • Do you require a local or remote display?
  • Do you need an onboard data logger?
  • Special certifications required in your country

Location & condition selection information

    1. Is there a P&ID showing sensor locations?
    2. Is there enough up and downstream length?
    3. What is the medium temperature?
    4. What the ambient temperature?
    5. Is condensation in the medium expected (dry or wet side of the system)?
    6. Any excessive heat or vibration sources at the installation point?
    7. How accessible is the chosen flow meter location?
    8. What are the distances from the sensor to BMS?
    9. Outside or inside installation (IP rating / cover)?
    10. Is there 24 VDC available at the point of installation?
    11. Is there a company network we can use for data transfer?

Are you ready to select your flow meter? Check out our VPFlowScope Selection Tool. If you are not sure yet, get more information on how to select and install a flow meter from our webinar.