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How you can contribute to reduce energy consumption

Your contributions for a better planet

The world seems a scary place to live in these days, with ongoing wars, terrorist attacks and global warming. Energy and global warming are the root of many conflicts. But there is also good news: the number of electric cars on the roads increases, the price for alternative energy sources (other than fossil fuel) rapidly decreases.
People and companies are much more aware of energy savings. Reducing energy consumption of your plant is a good way to do something positive and to contribute to a sustainable planet for all of us. Here are some resolutions that help you make a positive contribution:

Reduce your impact on global warming

Isn’t it scary to know that our grandchildren’s grandchildren might never see snow or ice?  Do you know that about 5% of all global electricity is converted into compressed air? Nearly half of this percentage can be saved, which equals 55 coal fired power plants of 600 mW. Besides, do you know that the efficiency of a compressed air system is only between 10% and 20%? All the rest is converted into heat! So why not cool down our earth by reducing your compressed air consumption? Or even better: using a low pressure (blower) alternative or an electric drive instead.

Turn off the news

Turn off the TV and shut out the horrible news you see on TV every day. This will give you less to worry about and it saves energy! Take this advice to work and shut off your compressors at the end of the day. This will also save energy at work. Did you know that with every bar reduction you have an instant win of 7% on your energy consumption? Lower the pressure step by step. Invest in receiver tanks and isolate large consumers from small consumers with a flow restrictor. Consider (with care) to use pressure regulators per production area. But most of all, keep track of your pressure and energy consumption with VPVision.

Go to bed on time and sleep well

Make sure you go to bed on time. Allow your mind to get the necessary rest and get re-energized in time. Did you know that while you are sleeping, your compressed air installation might have leakages of 20 – 40%? VPVision can be used as a global leakage management system and helps you to rank the leaks on savings potential. And it monitors the leakages for you while you can have some rest. Sleep even better once you invest in an ultrasound leak detector to find those leaks.

Clean up your social life

Make new friends and let go of people that are not worth your time and friendship. Say goodbye to those who drain energy. Also in your work. Let us help you determine which machines consume too much and clean up your compressed air system. Make sure that air is not lost through leaking old sections of the plant or machines standing in idle mode. Get rid of your old friends, the air blow guns and leaking pieces of old equipment. Flow meters help to determine which of your “friends” are wasting most energy.

Create harmony

Do a good thing to others and good things will happen to you
Helping others and doing good deeds are good for heart and soul, it cleanses your conscience and helps other human beings. Make sure you also create harmony at work. Teach your employees and/or co-workers about the importance of compressed air cost. Train them on how to use compressed air properly. Show them how exciting it can be to save energy! Create harmony in your compressed air system and optimize supply and demand side. Reveal the costs using our VPVision energy management system, create an incentive program to reward your employees for savings initiatives and make sure they get an A+ for energy awareness. Doesn’t it feel good to create harmony within your organization?

Donate to good causes

There are many good causes that you can donate money to. But first, you need to free up some money. You can do this by investing in proper storage and combine this with an efficient control system. This will reduce the off-load hours of your compressors.

Polluted minds, bad air

What is going on in the minds of people who want to hurt other people? Are we that far gone that we cannot think straight anymore and be kind to each other? Why don’t we clear the air and have people go back to basics? You can also allow clean compressed air to determine the life span of your compressed air installation. Think carefully what kind of air quality you need for which process, as higher air quality results in higher energy costs. But also think about the consequences of when the outlet (and the fumes) of your production process is located near the parking lot or recreational area of your organization.

Invest in people and organizations that matter

Take time to spend with family and friends, take up some volunteer work and help others. Don’t spend all of your time at work and forget who matter in your life. Have a state of the art web-based energy monitoring system work for you! With VPVision, you get the reports in your mailbox automatically. It will warn you when things go out of bound. Take a day off, volunteer at your local community center and let VPVision watch the compressed air system for you.

Enjoy the world

Now that you work so hard on a peaceful and sound compressed air system, make sure you go out and enjoy the world. Travel and go places that offer you serenity, calmness and peace. Just as the compressed air in your company needs to travel smoothly. A proper pipe system is crucial to limit your pressure drop. Iron pipes tend to rust. Too small piping creates pressure loss, so use angular feed-ins on main headers to reduce pressure loss.

So be part of a happy, peaceful world and do your part. As a production company, you can contribute to a safer world, a cleaner earth and more peace on earth, by saving energy! Let us at VPInstruments help you with this.