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NEW VPLog-i-R: current transducer with Modbus interface

VPInstruments, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of measurement and monitoring equipment for compressed air and gas, now offers the proven VPLog-i current sensor in a new version with Modbus interface. The VPLog-i-R is the only Rogowski type current sensor with RS485 (Modbus RTU) output.

You can now connect multiple VPLog-i-R sensors with other Modbus RTU devices to a PLC or smart data logger, for simultaneous data recording and analysis over a single Modbus cable. Or connect the VPLog-i-R directly to your building/energy management system for permanent energy monitoring.

The VPLog-i is the perfect device for mobile current measurements of e.g. compressors, vacuum pumps, driers, or any other electric equipment within your plant. Installation is very easy and takes you less than a minute; just wrap around one of the three-phase power cables and close the snap fitting. Moreover, due to the digital signal processing and extremely large measurement range of the VPLog-i-R, 100 to 1600 A RMS, you just need one size for all your measurement applications.

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