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VPInstruments launches new VP Dew Point Sensor

VP Dew Point Sensor

VPInstruments launches the VP Dew Point Sensor: the smart dew point sensor for compressed air and technical gasses. Its large measurement range, -70..+60 ⁰C, enables one single product for monitoring the dew point of both refrigerant and desiccant-type air dryers.

VP Dew Point Sensor for air and gas systems

The VP Dew Point Sensor features a robust sensor that fully withstands getting wet and that is highly resistant to particulate contamination, oil vapor, and most chemicals. Its long- term high performance is achieved with state-of-the-art polymer technology. Thanks to the built-in offset calibration algorithm, performance at low dew points is optimized.

The dew point sensor enables monitoring of both dew point and temperature simultaneously in VPVision and other energy management systems, thanks to its RS485 (Modbus RTU) output. The sensor also features a 4..20 mA output, that can be connected in parallel e.g. to an external display. With the built-in alarm function, you can make alarms visible in your management software for instance for dryer failure or water carryover. The alarm is also visible via the LED on the VP Dew Point Sensor itself.

Prolong the lifetime of your equipment, reduce maintenance costs and prevent production losses: guard your dew point with the smart VP Dew Point Sensor!

Interested in more details? View here the VP Dew Point Sensor product page.