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Dealer ready for the future with VPInstruments’ innovative products

Turkish dealer ready for the future with VPInstruments’ innovative products

Yigittaslar Endustriyel Filtrasyon Ve Basincli is a Turkish family company specialized in filters and spare parts for industrial use, with a focus on compressed air. Their clients can be found in the glass, metal and automotive industry. These industries are all major consumers of compressed air. Another important focus industry for the company is textile, which is a big industry in Turkey. Yigittaslar Endustriyel Filtrasyon Ve Basincli sells VPInstruments’ various products to these manufacturers.

A fruitful collaboration

The first ever instrument mr. Yigittas purchased as a compressed air specialist was one from VPInstruments. Since then, the Turkish company has sold many flow meters and maintains good relations with VPInstruments. Technical support is an important part of this collaboration. The compressed air specialists from VPInstruments assist when necessary, for example with product specifications or complex client problems. Technology and energy matters are currently changing at a rapid speed. That makes real expertise extra valuable. Mr. Yigittas: “It is important to follow the trends and stay updated every day. We are growing together with VPInstruments.”

“I have been happily working with VPInstruments for nine years now. We are like a family!”

– Owner Hakan Yigittas

Evolving in a changing market

Mr. Yigittas predicts a growing interest in compressed air solutions. After all, companies now need to comply with international climate regulations. Companies can improve efficiency and save energy with energy monitoring systems. Mr. Yigittas: “Ten years ago there were no energy managers. Now it is the first person we talk to. As mentioned earlier, it is important to keep up with the trend. That means investing in innovative products like cloud-based energy monitoring systems and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth versions.” VPInstruments is currently working on several of these instruments and already offers complete solutions such a VPVision. In this way, both parties can meet the demands from an evolving market.

Mr. Hakan Yigittas

VPInstruments: specialist in compressed air solutions

VPInstruments is active in many industries. Check our client references, from a glass factory to a car manufacturer. Want to know more about the trends in the compressed air market? In this article mr. Yigittas shares the four trends to watch out for. Or contact one of our specialists for tailor-made advice for your company!

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